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About geoBingAn
Our Humanitarian ICT tools provide the disaster relief organization to make a quick response and instant message to communicate and collaborate. Either for quick response and instant message to communicate and collaborate. Either for the private sector or the public sector in the disaster relief area, if the disaster information can be collected properly, then reactions can be done with more accuracy.
The geoBingAn 2.0 is a collaboration with the relief foundation in Taiwan. This platform is built up not only for communicating from different NGOs but for the citizens to get important messages sent from the government or the relief foundation instantly. Furthermore, citizens can report instant disaster information via geoBingAn. Those citizens' reports can be found from GeoThings' disaster information coordination platform could also integrate with the request and response from the volunteers to sync with the disaster relief information. Also, the resources for disaster relief could be managed with the most efficiency.


about GeoThings
GeoThings is the first social enterprise incubated and invested by the ITRI(Industrial Technology Research Institute). Our ambition is to improve the social well-bing by deploying ICT technologies.Our team has been participated in different international organization, including the Clicker Project with UN OCHA(United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs) Collaborate with NSPO(National Space Organization) for the “FS2 Clicker” project. Joining the GEO(Group On Earth Observations) conducted project “GEOSS AIP-6”.The “Willo volunteering platform”which was cooperated with Taiwan Mobile Foundation and CSQUARE is also a success. Our team conducted the OGC Open GeoSMS and ITU Q.3615 open standard.We are also the Trusted Developer of Ushahidi, which is an international community focusing on the disaster relief information coordination. Also, GeoThings has a close cooperation has also been established with OSM (Open Street Map) and Open Data Communities.

The core value of GeoThings is based on the techniques of LBS (Location Based Service) and Crowdsourcing, which provides ”geoBingAn – the Humanitarian ICT platform for the operation. The board meeting of our enterprise is composed of industrial leaders and with high expectation for our development and success.

Telephone: (03)591-0367
Address: Rm. 233-1, Bldg. 53, No. 195, Sec. 4, Zhongxing Rd., Zhudong Township,Hsinchu County 31040, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

About Relief Foundation
Our foundation has been set up mainly focusing on utilizing the social resources, collaborate with the private sectors and NGOs, to support the disaster affected areas. To properly use and manage the disaster relief donation, our foundation presents an objective and aloof position to arrange donations.We are here to compensate the shortage of the government's mechanism of the disaster rescue and relief, and help the inhabitants who suffered from the disaster to pass through the hard time and reestablish their home.
Our foundation was set up based on the second budget reserve from the Executive Yuan in the financial year 90's withdrawal Our foundation's stiftungsgeschäft constitution has been authorized by the Executive Yuan with No. 0910070630 on 21, Jan. 2002, and complete the registration on 5th, Feb. 2003. According to the restruction of the Executive Yuan, the administration has changed to Ministry of Health and Welfare in Taiwan.

Telephone: (02)8912-7636
Address: 5F., No.200, Sec. 3, Beixin Rd., Xindian Dist., New Taipei City 23143, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Personal Agreement
GeoThings provides disaster response and information coordination platform to the authorites relating to the members of the industries and authorities, must collect,deal with and use your personal details and adapted the personal details protection laws therefore we will inform the details listed below.

1. Purpose Of Collection
Providing the apply to the disaster rescue and relief platform and other services,including message reply, task assignment, resource management, training course, customized service, notification to new updates and so on.The specific purpose including 090 the consumer, the client's management and customer services,136 ICT and Data Base Management, 137 ICT Security and Management and 157 investigation, statistics and research analysis

2. Category Of Personal Detail
    1.Identity of the individual(C001): name,phone number,Email address,address..etc.
    2.Identification of the data from the government(C003): ID number..etc
  (2)The account of the corporation
    1.Identity of the individual(C001): name,phone number,Email address,address..etc.
    2.Identification of the data from the government(C003): ID number..etc
  (3)Business account and personal account
    1.Identity of the individual(C001): name,phone number, Email address,address..etc.
    2.Identification of the data from the government(C003): ID number..etc
3. Usage of personal data for the time, area, target and method
  (1)time:The period of the time to collect the personal data.
  (2)area:The collected data will be used in Taiwan (R.O.C.), except for the activities internationally.
  (3)target and method:government authorization,public schools and plublic sectors, accept the compensation of the authorizations. or bailed corporation or communities and the R&Ds, within the range of collection, and utilize your personal details resonabilly by intefyinf your personal ID,the system message notification,new updates notification,discount message notification and questionaire..etc

4. The rights and the methods for people who are involved
  (1)when registered in our website,you can edit your personal details at any time through our system with search,copy,add more and correction.
  (2)you'll have to consult with the customer services for stopping and deleting the non-registered account. and yur account is no longer be logged in to our website.
  (3)you can request stop collecting, dealing with, using or deleting the account. For leagally usage about duty can not be applied.

5. The influences about not to provide personal details or provide incorrect information
You can freely providing the personal details.But,if you are refused to provide the personal details, you will not be allowed to registered in our website or services that need registered account.Apart from that, if you provide incorrect messages to our website, you may not be provided the same service as the registered account. Such as the wrong Email address which may result in not being able to get the new password sent from the system.

Comment:According to the work, the personal details which are recorded in our website may have to fulfill the data protection law.

Update Date:104/9/8
Privacy Policy
Welcome to use our disaster information service platform, in order to use our service and infrmation, the details of the privacy policy is listed:
1. Privacy policy and adapted range
Privacy policy including the personal identification service in our platform, our privacy policy is neither adapted to other linking website nor to the participated managers.
2. Data collection and usage
You may possibly providing the personal details including:Email,contact number and using time..etc. Our platform will provide statistics and wordings as requested, but nothing relating to the personal details unless agreed. Our platform will not expose the personal details or using personal details in other purposes.
3. Data protection
To protect the platform and your personal data,only authorized people can be accessed to the data.A Confidentiality Agreement will have to be signed.A punishment Punishment from the law will be adapted if againt the agreement.
4. Relating links
The external links is providing on the platform to access other website. However, this linked website is not adapted to our privacy policy.
5. The correction of the privacy policy
The privacy policy could be corrected at any time, and the corrected policies will be published to our platform.
Security Policy
To make sure the privacy, the integrity and the availability of the information, the facilities, the personnel and the internet..etc, the Informatics Security Policy has been set up for our platform.
2.Adapted range
Our platform's major business including the information data, the environment, the facilities, the personnel and the process to follow the Informatics Security Policy
3.Informatics Security policy
To fulfill the operation concept of our platform, the informatics security policy statement has been set up as: keep secret for the data security, make restriction to the door and make sure the reported event can be done in once.
5.Informatics Security target
The target aim for the informatics security is to prevent the informatics business will not affected by the informatics security issue. and to make sure the request of the informatics security would be kept in privacy, completeness and adatptative.
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